TFP Star: Memorable Entertainment Television big hit with classic TV fans

Though relatively young as a network, Memorable Entertainment Television, or Me-TV, has already become a staple for many, offering a steady diet of classic television series for viewers across the nation. Neal Sabin, president of content and networks for Me-TV’s owner, Weigel Broadcasting, said the key to its success is knowing exactly who its fans are.enterprise-tos_WEB

“We’ve had the same mission statement since the day we launched it, — to be the definitive destination for classic television and to treat our viewers with respect,” he said.

Those viewers are baby boomers, of course, ranging in age from 35 to 64, though Sabin said Me-TV has been attracting a good number of younger fans, too, introduced to its programs by parents and grandparents.
‘Star Trek’ is part of Me-TV’s Saturday-night lineup. Photo Courtesy Paramount

“There are a lot of families watching because they know we’re a safe harbor — we don’t have any content that would be objectionable to families,” he said.

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