Toledo Free Press: Baumhower: Don’t victimize Angela Steinfurth

Whether or not you feel that Angela Steinfurth “deserves” to be allowed to attend the funeral services of her daughter Elaina, I feel Judge Gary Cook was wrong in denying her motion. I would strongly recommend appealing his decision.Baumhower-Jeremy-20132

In this country we are innocent until proven guilty. As heinous as this crime is, Angela Steinfurth is currently charged only with Obstruction of Justice — nothing more.

After hearing numerous reports about the condition of the remains found, I expect the coroner not to be able to determine the actual cause of Elaina’s death. It is also been reported that Steven King made some confession-like statements which led to Baby Elaina’s body being discovered. Successful prosecution without plea agreements and confessions will be nearly impossible in this case. The reason we have not yet heard an official cause of death is likely due to the prosecutor’s office trying to get both.

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